This is no ordinary project,

we are no ordinary church.

This is really an outside the box approach by a church, but it is a natural way for a City to act for its own benefit. 

We are calling for a Shared Ownership for Project 1050 in Athens.

First, prayers of encouragement, discernment, and support are most important to us.

Second, we are seeking financial, or in-kind, support so that the complete funding of Project 1050 can be met, and the two buildings be physically transformed. The people in Athens Link Fellowship have made a sacrificial commitment into Project 1050, but it is going to take more to reach our goal.

Please consider how you can financially bless Athens Link Fellowship’s Project 1050. There is a commitment/response card that is available, or you can call John Gaultney (706.202.8535) if you have questions.

Athens Link Fellowship | P.O. Box 48995 Athens, Georgia 30604 |

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