What's in a Name?


ATHENS is a wonderful and vibrant city. We at ATHENS Link Fellowship are committed to seeing ATHENS prosper.


LINK is a synonym for Unity. We desire unity among the people, churches, and church leaders in Athens—to see them join together to bring the Kingdom of God.


FELLOWSHIP through gatherings of people was important in Jesus' life, and we want to experience that with others too. Relationships are regarded as a way to facilitate encountering God’s presence. Following Jesus’ example, we want to create an avenue for others to experience the blessing of coming together to fellowship.

@1050 Church

1050 Baxter Street is near the physical center of Athens/Clarke County. While more than a physical designation, @1050 is a bridging point of diverse cultures and economic strata in Athens. Baxter Street is an important avenue that connects The University of Georgia and the commercial/residential neighborhoods of Athens at Beechwood.


@1050 Church may tell you where we are, but it explains where we are going to impact Athens in a life-giving, transformational way.


We are… Athens Link Fellowship @1050 Church!


@1050 Church